Workshops & Seminars

Lift-off Workshop.

Short and Sweet with a lasting effect & an immediate noticeable impact on the relationships & culture in the workplace. Designed to get people thinking about their wellbeing & begin shifting them toward personal growth & life success. Its about understanding their own behaviors without judgement and then learning the skills to make positive change. We cover mental physical and spiritual wellbeing and offer real world solutions to overcome the biggest issues your team may be facing today.

1.5 - 2 hours.
2 speakers/ facilitators.
Modules include-Understanding the mind, Self awareness, Stress & Anxiety reduction techniques, Mindfulness & Meditation, Thrive Nutrition & Fitness, Sleeping well.
Energised Food Guide.
Discounted 1 to 1 Private Coaching for attendees.
Offers from Local Health & Fitness Companies.

Life Mastery Workshop.

Full day of activities, games, exercises & tasks, all designed to ignite your teams curiosity about improving the quality of their life & getting them engaged in new behaviour. Your team will discover new ways to overcome health & wellness issues, such as anxiety, sleep disorders, & depression to name a few, that may have seemed too big to tackle in the past. We give them the tools to not only improve their lives, but also improve the lives of those they live with. Our open coaching style allows us to be approachable and offers those who may be introverts, the opportunity to discuss their issues with the facilitator in a confidential manner.

Full day- 9 am to 5pm.
2 speakers/ facilitators.
Modules include-Understanding the mind, Self awareness, Stress & Anxiety reduction techniques, Mindfulness & Meditation, Thrive Nutrition & Fitness, Sleeping well.
Energised Food Guide.
Exercise Book & reading material.
Half price offer for 1 to 1 Private Coaching for attendees.
Offers from Local Health & Fitness Companies.

Unique Health & Wellness Solutions.

Let us create something that is tailored to the needs of your business. Maybe you have some ideas, or perhaps you saw something on Dr Oz that you think would make a great Wellbeing solution, or maybe you just want a personal consult for yourself...whatever your needs we can create a unique & effective Wellbeing Solution that will increase overall employee wellbeing, and of course...productivity!

Life Coaching

Onsite 1 to 1

Sometimes all they need is someone to talk to! .

With over 10 years of professional coaching experience we know that just 1 coaching experience, can have a profound and lasting impact. It's no secret that things that consume us the most are usually kept private. Our coaching gives your employees a private and confidential route to discuss and tackle any life issues that you may be unaware of. All you need is to provide a quiet and private space for us to set up and like a regular practice, we come and see clients ( your staff) on an appointment basis. Usually start with 1 hour per employee. We also get them signed up to our app and create some metrics to help them achieve their goals.

Offsite 1 to 1

We offer life coaching away from work and are happy to pass on savings to your employees when you book a workshop or seminar with us. Our regular coaching fees start at 275 however your employees can get access to this at a massive savings by using the voucher they receive from us at the workshop or seminar you booked.

Health & Wellness Assessments / Strategy/Biometrics.

Are you up to date with the latest labor requirements? Are you doing your part to protect you & your company from the rising costs of lost time due to mental health issues? Get yourself certified by us and relax in knowing that you are doing your part to support the wellbeing of your team. Our goal is to help you identify the areas of focus which will have the greatest impact on your business and provide you with a strategy that is realistic yet effective in achieving the desired result.

Wellness Partners.

We have taken the time to forge out special relationships with local Health & Wellbeing providers so that we can offer you, and your employees high value services. Whether it's Meditation, Personal Training, Life Coaching, Nutritional Consulting, Yoga Classes, Martial Arts Training and so much more, we have the ability to provide a better value, vertically integrated Health & Wellness Program that works for you.

Wellness Adventures

Imagine spending an afternoon learning about the best old world wines from europe...sampling, mingling, sampling some more, followed up with a chef's table experience by one of Edmonton's best Chef’s serving up a family style feast of gourmet goodness; and to top it off, have the chef create a tantalizing dessert especially for the event, and then go on to share the secret recipe with everyone at the table! yep...that's how we do it! Our adventures are more than run of the mill paintball type bonding. They are experiences that involve everyone, bringing people together like family; where real connections are made. Social connection (not to be confused with social media connection) is at the center of Health & Wellbeing and is the foundational principle of all our adventures. From a simple, cost effective Baking Class at one of our local bakeries, to a “full on” escape to the mountains with yoga, martial arts and 5 course “Canadiana’ food experience. You tell us the boundaries and we will design, create and deliver it!

Wellness App.

Wouldn't it be great if your team had access to an app that tracked their Health & Wellbeing activities? They could actually keep tabs on how their wellness program is progressing by seeing the results right on their phone along the way. Everything from fitness monitoring to hours of sleep, the app would help them achieve the goals that were set out for them by their RightMind coach.They could also chat with other team members in the forum and motivate each other to keep moving upward & onward. This is available to add on with our workshops and seminars, or can be purchased in blocks with a 1 to 1 coaching package. This App used in conjunction with our Life Mastery workshop, Onsite 1 to 1 Coaching and Rightmind Academy is the most comprehensive and effective Wellness package available on the market.


Workshops &

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