What's your story? I want to help people, it's that simple.

I too believe that the best paths are not lines on paper, and since my fall from grace I rediscovered some things about myself and began a journey to understand Human behaviour. I used my own experiences to create a system of life that would help people avoid the pitfalls that I went through and I began coaching others.

Over the last 8 years I have written a book, and have coached thousands of private clients on how to live their greatest lives. Now, I do have a map, but I also understand that getting from point A to point B can involve many different routes and I know that the best solution, the best Wellness Solution, is always a blend of Guide 1 and Guide 2. I have learned that I may not always have the answer, but I know how to partner with the right people and create the right team that does!

That's my story; it may or may not resonate with you and whatever path you choose for you and your team I sincerely wish you success.

Health Happiness & Wealth to you and yours!

Ricardo Cruz Leal


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