We Enhance your people they ignite your business

80 % of employees feel stressed, anxious & Insecure at work resulting in lost productivity costing canadian businesses billions a year. An employee focused wellness program will let you stand out & increase your bottom line.

How much better could your team be with the right tools & healthy habits?

When employees feel good, they get things done! And your business thrives! Want a happy, healthy & engaged team that is performing at their best?


Reduce Healthcare Costs

28% reduction in sick leave & Absenteeism/ 30% reduction WCB claims

Improve Business Performance

Studies have shown an ROI of between $3 to $15 for every $1 dollar invested in a Wellness Program over a 12 to 18 month period

Create a Great Company Culture

Presenteeism is responsible for 63% of total medical costs (direct or indirect)

Optimise & Integrate Benefits & HR Investment

Research shows that 61 % of new hires do not get any training on company culture.

Show them their personal wellbeing matters & they will show you their best performance

Most companies try to keep employees personal issues away from work, Yet the single biggest reason for poor work performance is poor personal life skills.

Our Approach & Mission

We focus on the science of mind and teaching the skills to understand and manage subjective behavior that will assist in creating a healthy mind body & soul allowing employees to thrive in life resulting in better performance at work and reducing lost time due to health & wellbeing issues.

“Everything in our life is a result of our thinking. Our approach to wellness and success goes right to the core and focuses on the mind from which all else emanates . From here we can influence all behavior and affect the Body, Soul, and all aspects of life. From the mind we become the masters of our destiny”

Ricardo Cruz Leal

Why companies choose us


Years of experience


Coaching hours


Local Wellness Partners


Rightmind.Academy graduate

Your probably thinking…what makes you different from the rest?


Well first off, we care! We care about people and are passionate about transforming people’s lives. In fact, we are not only trained to deliver awesomely inspiring, super effective programs, we have already been there & done it, and so we created a wellness solution that actually works in the real world, your world, in your business.



Sure we have the fluff and the fancy online engagement apps, however our method is backed by research and experience that clearly demonstrates that mentors & coaches work far better than any algorithm or app could ever hope to effectively achieve alone. we actually talk to people…face to face! What a concept:)
We engage people as people, giving them the knowledge & ability to make positive change, and allowing them to understand their own behaviors so that they can master their minds and feel better about their whole life. We show them how a right mind translates into better choices that create healthy bodies, healthy relationships and ultimately better lives.
This my friend, translates into an inspired workplace, one that entices the best performers, creates cohesion & collaboration & delivers bottom line results for you & your business.Its a win win for everyone involved, and you’ll probably get all warm and tingly inside too.

How can I be sure this will work?


Not to throw names around but there has been extensive research done by some pretty impressive people and organisations that clearly shows that just in Canada alone business have lost billions in lost time & productivity due to stress, anxiety, depression, chronic illness, presenteeism ( means people show up but don’t really do much), and countless other issues.



And when it comes to the big picture…statistics now show that 1 in 4 people will suffer from some sort of mental health condition. Thats 25 % of your people and possibly even you! 

So we start with looking at your stats, and help you identify your biggest opportunities so we can monitor employee absence and see the improvement going forward with hard evidence. 

We also create customisable questionnaires and biometrics to get progress reports for each individual employee. This ensures your team is benefiting from the program and that it is truly impacting their overall wellbeing. 

Are their other benefits for me as the employer?


Yes. We will help you ensure that you have the right people doing the right work! An employee that is performing a role that is in line with their personality & their internal beliefs will perform at a much higher level than a role that is misaligned. We know that this can be tricky to pinpoint as an owner, HR professional or leader because most employees haven’t actually figured it out themselves.


We make this easy to determine by providing you with personality briefs that will arm you with a new understanding of your team. We do this using our very own Personality Indicator Test, our 1 to 1 coaching and from face to face engagement.

This alone will give you the power to really impact the effectiveness of your team. The best player for the best position. And, because you have satisfied the true needs of the employee they will naturally feel better about their roles and will enjoy the task at hand. Meeting their needs results in an overall benefit to your company. I say that’s pretty great all around!


Oh theirs more:) Many organisations struggle with people problems within the whole team or in smaller groups or departments. Remember in highschool…different groups and styles all trying to fit in and be accepted? Some used bullying to deal with their insecurities, others became shy and found comfort with the less popular groups. It’s still happening! Bad culture is still flourishing in many organisations and can destroy a business faster than a stock market crash! Our approach to overall wellbeing will quickly highlight any cultural issues that could quietly be spreading behind the scenes. We help you find a way to eliminate it by speaking with you and your leaders to be the champions of cultural reform! 

What relationships do you have with local Health, Fitness and Wellness Businesses?


We are connected! Nutritionists, Personal Trainers, Fitness Centres, Meditation Centres, Yoga Studios, Excursion Companies, Transport Companies, Hospitality…the list goes on. We leverage our connections to offer you and your employees the opportunity for massive value and savings that would be unattainable to the individual. Our connections will become your connections.

It all sounds great. Tell me what the investment is?


Whatever you want! I’m serious.

The options really are limitless. It all comes down to getting the best solution for your particular needs. You can choose from the services available based on how important the wellbeing of your team & your business are to you at this time.

You can start with an Introductory workshop to get some quick wins and motivate your people to begin moving in the right direction, or you can create a full scale program involving everything from engagement technology, wellness adventures to 1 to 1 coaching. Whatever your budget may be we can tailor a solution that works for you.
We know that every business is unique so we create unique solutions. Call us or send us a message. We will help you make the right choice..even if its not with us.

Our Key Values/Beliefs

We believe that every single person deserves to live their best life. We believe that with the right tools and support anyone can learn how to improve the quality of their lives. We believe that everyone is willing to enhance their lives if given the opportunity.

We believe in a holistic approach to wellbeing. Mind Body and Soul! 

We believe in compassion, collaboration and connection instead of  indifference, competition and division. We believe in empowerment and not victimhood. We believe that real face to face connection & engagement are more powerful and will always trump social media connections.

We believe that companies that focus on their people, first, above all else, have greater success & longevity.


“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking that created them”

Albert Einstein

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